About Our School

Knightly Code of Conduct

The Knightly Code of Conduct is a program that emphasizes respect, responsibility, honor and loyalty. Students work as homeroom teams to demonstrate these characteristics in their classroom and throughout the school. All classes begin as serfs and earn tallies to work their way through the stages of page, squire and then into knighthood. In support of the program, the PTA has placed shields outside of each classroom to display the level of accomplishment. We believe that this schoolwide program, which highlights good citizenship, will enhance our focus of having a safe learning environment in which all students can achieve success while developing good citizenship skills for the future.

Programs That Support Instruction

Knollwood Meadows has a number of programs to help readers at all levels. Reading Recovery is an intense one-on-one program for beginning readers in the first grade. We have Literacy groups for selected first- and second-graders, cross-grade reading buddy programs, and SOAR, which is a highly structured reading program in the third- through fifth-grade classrooms; all are programs that give students additional help. We have a Literacy room filled with sets of primary level books. Chapter books, novels and a multitude of nonfiction books fill our library shelves. Open library checkout is practiced, and we circulate almost 50,000 books in a school year, an average of 64 books checked out per child. Accelerated Reader, a computerized basic comprehension program, is used in many classrooms. Readers’ Workshop, Literature Circles and Guided Reading are used to teach higher-level literacy skills. Writing is a strong focus. Hands-on manipulatives, using calculators, and real-life problem solving support math instruction. Science and social studies are learned through experiences with research, observation, data collection, personal involvement and reenactment. Tutors and volunteers can be found throughout the classrooms on a daily basis.

Staff Achievements

All of our teachers have joined and are active in the PTA. Our staff regularly attends workshops, seminars and conferences. We are well represented in national and regional organizations. We are presenters, officers, curriculum developers, and trainers within the school, the school division, the region, and the nation.

Parent Involvement

Our fabulous PTA is very active in terms of membership participation, activities and financial support. Members sponsor festivals, book fairs, pizza parties, sundae splurges, and provide seasonal treats to each classroom. Many other programs, special presentations and performances occur, thanks to our wonderful PTA.